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  • Everyone wants to know why do you need to do a custom map on fuel injected bikes.
  • For starters fuel injection is a program designed to introduce fuel in specific amounts within specific parameters.  The main control is throttle position and engine speed (there are other control inputs, map pressure, atmosphere pressure, engine temp, etc..)  Your engine is basically a pump, it lets a certain amount of air in and out at specific engine speeds with different throttle positions.  A fuel map matches this air flow to attain a predetermined air fuel ratio.  When you change the exhaust, cams, bore, etc you change the air flow characteristics of the engine but the fuel map does not change.  The custom map basically changes the fuel curve to match the new air curve to the predetermined air fuel ratio.  There are various ways of controlling the fuel , powercommanders, race tuners, direct link.   dfo's (dfo's only add fuel and are very sloppy, not recommended).
  • All of these devices need to be installed correctly and then dyno tuned.  The reason for dyno tuning is to create the specific engine speed and throttle position (in a controlled environment) to correct the air fuel ratio, for each rpm/tp step.  This map which is designed on the dyno is specific to the bike and it's setup.  Every motorcycle is different,  even with the same setup there are slight differences.  Here at BPA we are trained and experienced in custom fuel injection tuning, and we can maximize your ride!!!
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              We tune all bikes, carbureted or fuel injected................



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